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Lois Lowry, Messenger

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it’s 2014 and having a valid and logical argument with your parents is still “talking back”

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Kate Mosse, Labyrinth

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Take me away, to a different place, where I don’t feel sick and I’ve got a little faith..

I can’t say that there is any one specific thing that makes a womam beautiful and unique. But… inner confidence plays a huge part. - Kate Winslet for Lancome (May 2014)


"i don’t support feminism because-"

lol nah we ain’t even gonna talk bye

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i t ’ s   a   b e a u t i f u l   d a y   t o   l i s t e n   t o   m u s i c | a grey’s anatomy playlist inspired by songs from the show

i. tegan and sara » where does the good go | ii. umbrellas » the city lights | iii. snow patrol » new york | iv. bootstraps » i wanna dance with somebody | v. mat kearney » all i need | vi. powderfinger » drifting further away | vii. little dragon » twice | viii. the mary onettes » explosions | ix. charlie winston » she went quietly | x. keane » my shadow | xi. priscilla ahn » dream | xii. ingrid michaelson » turn to stone | xiii. elbow » lippy kids | xiv. michael stipe ft. chris martin » in the sun | xv. snow patrol » chasing cars | xvi. delta spirit » salt in the wound | xvii. josh record » bones | xviii. kate havnevik » grace | xix. adaline » say goodbye (i won’t even) | xx. tegan and sara » you wouldn’t like me | xxi. john legend » all of me | xxii. the paper kites » featherstone | xxiii. andrew belle » in my veins | xxiv. sanders bohlke » the weight of us | xxvii. ingrid michaelson » keep breathing | xxviii. rilo kiley » portions for foxes | xxix. of monsters and men » lakehouse | xxx. anna nalick » breathe | xxxi. jill andrews » total eclipse of the heart | xxxii. benjamin francis leftwich » atlas hands | xxxiii. o+s » we do what we want | xxxiv. katie herzig » lost and found | xxxv. andrew belle » open your eyes | xxxvi. greg laswell » off i go | xxxvii. the fray » how to save a life | xxxviii. kodaline » all i want | xxxix. snow patrol - somewhere a clock is ticking | xl. kate havnevik » timeless | xli. sleeping at last » 99 red balloons




— Richard P. Feynman

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Anonymous: "Name one person you wanna spend a week with"

Umm.. I can name more than one haha! Kate Winslet and Kate Walsh of course, but I would really love to spend a week with my best friend for thirteen years, who will be leaving next year. I want to spend as much time with him as possible before he goes. 

I definitely have a perfectionist in me that I try to have a conversation with every day and say, ‘Thanks for sharing, but no thanks.’ But that voice is always there. The flip side of that is the creative voice, if that makes sense. It’s the thing that helps me create. I have a very active imagination. So that’s where I try to put all that energy.

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kate walsh + style 2014

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